Gradia Plus

Gradia Plus is a new laboratory composite developed in close co-operation with a group of top dental technicians, it is a modular composite system for indirect restorations which sets a new standard in lifelike mixing and layering of shades.

Based on the latest ceramic polymer technology this advanced, high-strength, nano-hybrid, light-curing composite offers brightness, translucency, chroma and a natural opalescence in the oral environment that is similar to porcelain. Its unique modular concept has fewer standard shades, but uses a more individual mixing and layering approach making it more compact and cost-effective. Nevertheless it meets all the demands on indications or techniques used from classic or multi-chromatic build-up to the monolithic approach.

Offering improved aesthetics and superior mechanical properties, ensuring a long-term, permanent solution, Gradia Plus is suitable for a wide range of clinical applications: from metal free inlays, veneers and jacket crowns to frame-supported crowns & bridges and implant superstructures.

Multistratium Flexible Resin (Cad/Cam Milled)

Flexibility, easy processing, high quality, durability, low plaque adhesion as well as unique aesthetics are characteristics of the high-performance MultistratumĀ® Flexible resin. Due to the fact that it has no residual monomers and with up to 10 years of oral durability, it is considered particularly biocompatible.

The extremely high flexibility of the material reduces the risk of fracturing during fitting to a minimum, which results in very high quality resin restorations. The multicolour shading reproduces the natural colours from the dentine to the enamel and gives single crowns as well as 14-unit bridges an aesthetic effect. The resin was especially developed for the manufacturing of full contour restorations and can be further characterised with stains. Thanks to its aesthetics and elasticity, the material is versatile (e.g. applicable for long-term provisionals) and ideal for the manufacturing of prototypes.